Producer Profiles

COOCENTRAL - Cooperativa Central de Caficultores del Huila

COOCENTRAL (Cooperativa Central de Caficultores del Huila) is a large, well-organized cooperative that buys over 35 million pounds of parchment coffee from 3,838 members throughout the department of Huila, located in south-central Colombia in the municipalities of: Gigante, Garzón, Agrado, Pital, Tarquí, Guadalupe, and Suaza. COOCENTRAL's motto is "A big family serving coffee producers and dedicated to the development of the region."


“Thanks to Fair Trade and our programs funded by the premium, we are able to transform lives, and transform the activity of harvesting and selling coffee into a profitable one.”  

Mauricio Rivera, GENERAL MANAGER


Productivity & Quality

COOCENTRAL’s technical team conducts field visits, meetings, and training sessions with members to instruct them on how to achieve higher quality so that they may be economically and environmentally sustainable.


COOCENTRAL invested the premium in creating an emergency fund to aid members in times of need, as well as an education fund to help members and employees subsidize university costs. Additionally, COOCENTRAL implemented an optometry brigade to improve the health and wellbeing of their members.

Basic housing infrastructure is extremely important for farmers’ wellbeing, which contributes to their ability to produce coffee. COOCENTRAL assisted members with upgraded roofs, bathrooms, kitchens, floors, and more.