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Producer Profiles

COOAGRONEVADA - Cooperativa de Caficultores y Agricultores de la Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

Cooperativa de Caficultores y Agricultores de la Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta (COAGRONEVADA) is composed of 21 base level coffee cooperatives from three different regions in Colombia--Magdalena, La Guajira and Cesar. The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta region is located in the northeastern part of Colombia. This area is home to many indigenous populations that have been affected by widespread drug trafficking and guerilla warfare. Fair Trade prices have given local and indigenous farmers a viable alternative to growing illegal cash crops. Coffee has become a cultural and living tradition passed from generation to generation. Coffee from the Sierra Nevada is generally smooth and medium bodied, mild in acidity and with a fragrant aroma. Organic coffee beans are grown under full shade, predominantly from trees of the traditional variety and at estimated elevations between 3,300 to 4,300 feet.


With low coffee prices and the rust outbreak in 2012, both of which have greatly affected us, if we weren’t receiving the Fair Trade Premium producers would have already completely abandoned their farms and moved to the city. Since we only harvest once a year, many young farmers have had to seek alternative income sources to support their families between harvests.  

Sandra Palacio, General Manager

This year, I feel happy because despite coffee low prices, I was able to start fixing my house. I also received organic fertilizers to grow coffee.  

Rosalba Corredor, Small Producer


Partecipation in Workshops, Events and Exhibitions

In order to strengthen their corporate image, COOAGRONEVADA invested $3,526 to attend events, fairs, and workshops. These events allowed representatives the opportunity to interact with other organizations to share experiences, promote their product, and to conduct commercial business.

Productivity Improvements

Members of COGRONEVADA used Fair Trade premiums to hire an agronomist to help execute a large scale project to increase efficiency. Additionally, production of a new varietal, Geisha, was increased, following buyer demand. Part of the premium fund was used to finance inputs such as organic fertilizers, which has already created more fertile soil, Higher yields are expected in the year to come.
Member producers are focusing on increasing their cupping score, and closely managing each step of their production methods, including eventually roasting and grinding their own product.

Certification and Technical Assistance

COOAGRONEVADA invested $13,223 USD in strengthening the Fair Trade organic certification system and technical assistance to facilitate the marketing and internal control system. This covered acquiring Fair Trade and organic certifications, in addition to agronomist fees, wall reconstruction, and other expenses.