Producer Profiles

COMUCAP - Coordinadora de Mujeres Campesinas de La Paz

COMUCAP (or, ‘The Coordinator of Rural Women in La Paz’) was formed by indigenous Lenca women in a rural mountain village in Honduras in 1993. Members strive to promote equality of leadership and economic opportunities working towards self-sustainability and the protection of the environment. Today COMUCAP brings together Lenca women from 16 communities around La Paz, Honduras, providing women in Honduras opportunities they might not otherwise have. With the help of COMUCAP, women in the area receive training and support to start their own farming businesses and help provide their families with a better life.


Thanks to COMUCAP I have been able to educate my three children. My first daughter is working for COMUCAP as a facilitator to train the all-female members in creating an environment of independence and sustainability within their families  

Francisca Sanchez, Producer


Producer Organizations

COMUCAP was able to attend market linkage-focused events such as SCAA with the help of the premium. The cooperative was also able to pay part-time workers, whom are particularly necessary during harvest season.

Productivity & Quality

Premium investments allowed COMUCAP to purchase materials and pay for much-needed repairs to roasting and threshing equipment. COMUCAP also bought organic fertilizer, and conducted workshops in food security, coffee traceability, and understanding the rights of women.

Farmer Finances

COMUCAP used part of the premium to make a loan payment with the Banco de Occidente. Fair Trade contributes to a cooperative’s ability to borrow capital from financial institutions.