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Producer Profiles

COMSA - Café Orgánico Marcala

Miriam Ester, 3 years old
Amanda Cálix in the nursery
Café Orgánico Marcala S.A. (COMSA) was founded and constituted as part of the Sociedad Anónima de Capital Variable (Anonymous Society of Varying Capitol) on December 13, 2001 with support from the Rural Business Development Foundation (FUNDER) in Honduras. COMSA was born with the vision of doing something different. It began with a group of 69 small Honduran producers interested in commercializing about 1,537 quintals of the utmost quality coffee to markets, primarily international, with the best trade terms. Today, COMSA commercializes about 58,561 quintals of green coffee, all organic, with unique qualities such as slight acidity, a citrus floral fragrance, peach and black berry flavors, medium body amongst others. With the support of Fair Trade premiums, COMSA continues to incorporate new, more environmentally safe agricultural practices and spread new techniques and knowledge to more producers every year.


The most important aspect from Fair Trade Certification has been the growth of our company with regards to the education of our members, especially in areas such as organic agriculture, business development and infrastructure and equipment improvement; as well as community training on how to use and manage their local resources.  

Sonia Mercedes Vásquez Medina

We invest our Fair Trade Premiums in sustainable activities for COMSA, the producers, their children, and the young people in the communities we influence in order to contribute to the recovery of values and culture, as well as support educational, social, environmental and economic development initiatives.  

Sonia Mercedes Vásquez Medina


Organizational Strength and Stability

COMSA invested $901,761 in providing administration the tools necessary to provide better service to producers and handle the appropriate volume of operations to serve the management team.

Individual Empowerment

COMSA invested $20,411 to increase the participation of women and youth by providing them with comprehensive training and development of business projects.

Food Security and Income Diversification

Through contributions of Fair Trade Premiums and a partnership with Heifer International, a project is being created to help diversify the production of the farms , as well as diversify the income of the member producers of COMSA. The goal is to have 212 producers tend to a community plot.