Producer Profiles


Cooperativa Mixta Sub - Yoro, or COMISUYL, was founded in 1995 by small scale coffee farmers in search of market access and social stability. Located in the rich agricultural department of Yoro, Honduras, the fertile valley of the Aguan River provides farmers with fruitful soil and plentiful irrigation. Through innovation, diversification of crops, and commercialization of its product, COMISUYL has made its dream of sustainable production a reality.

Fair Trade premiums have led to the expansion of infrastructure and a new dynamism amongst members. Affordable fertilizer and seeds have also been subsidized by Fair Trade premiums. The next step for this cooperative, as decided democratically by its Fair Trade committee, will be to establish a dry mill to continue independent growth. Of 85 members, 30 are women who are enjoying unparalleled opportunities since the implementation of Fair Trade, many of whom are playing key roles in the financial decision-making processes of the cooperative. High quality organic production, investment in the future, and community development have positioned this socially and environmentally conscious cooperative on the precipice of success.