Producer Profiles


A COMISAJUL producer sorts through coffee beans as they dry on newly implemented stations. These funded in part with the FTP.
COMISAJUL, or the Cooperativa Mixta San Juancito, is a small producer organization located in the Guacamaya community, forty five minutes from Tegucigalpa, Honduras. In the past, Villa de San Juancito, where COMISAJUL is located, was a mining community and Honduras’ main economic driver during the colonization. However, when the mining business ended, many investors, traders and families left, leaving the community’s economy in ruin. In response to a declining market and in an effort to provide greater economic and social benefits for their families and communities, thirteen coffee farmers joined together to form COMISAJUL. Today, agricultural products drive the community’s main source of income with most farmers and families involved in the production and preparation of green coffee for local and international markets. In 2013, the cooperative grew to 299 members, working on an estimated 190 hectares of land.


Fresh Coffee Plants for Farms

The cooperative replanted approximately a quarter of their farms with fresh, young plants over the past three years.

New Drying Facility

Members use newly constructed solar drying platforms to process their coffee.

Primary and Secondary School Scholarships

COMISAJUL provides scholarships for 38 students—23 children of members, and 15 for unaffiliated students with a great economic need and academic promise.