Producer Profiles


COMEPCAFE is a first grade organization founded by 44 small coffee producers in the town of Piendamó, within the department of Cauca, Colombia. The producers came together looking for new ways to sell and export the coffee they produced within specialty markets. They were hoping to obtain higher prices in order to improve the quality of life of their members’ families through both a strong organization, and through improved production processes. The average member has 1.1 hectares dedicated to coffee production, on a total plot of 2.5 hectares.


“Fair Trade is an important mechanism that allows us to access specialty markets, and to in turn provide the feedback from clients and consumers to our members that encourages them to continue producing a higher quality coffee.”  

Walter Anibel Muelas Villaquiran, REPRESENTATIVE


Producer Organizations

The Fair Trade premium allows COMEPCAFE to carry out the functions of a strong organization, including conducting various assemblies of members throughout the year as well as administrative meetings to make necessary decisions for the future of the cooperative. The premium was also invested in certifications in order for COMEPCAFE to access higher-priced markets.

Given the larger than average harvest volumes recently, COMEPCAFE has used part of the premium as capital to be able to collect all of the coffee they possibly can. COMEPCAFE also invests in their workforce, through recreational activities and occupational health resources.

Productivity & Quality

COMEPCAFE members voted to use the premium to invest in technical assistance, equipment for the lab, and equipment for the collection centers, in order to more adequately meet the high quality demands of the market.