Producer Profiles

COCAFCAL - Cooperativa Cafetalera Las Capucas

Young community members hold up COCAFCAL’s Social and Environment Policies. The small sign says,“We protect our water sources."
COCAFCAL, or the Cooperativa Capucas Limitada, is located in western Honduras, in the buffer zone of the Celaque National Park–a cloud forest containing the country’s highest mountain. The organization represents an estimated 12 communities from the municipalities of San Pedro and Corquin in Copan. Together, they work to promote the sustainable development of their local economy through programs offered to members and their families on financial management, technical assistance, production and quality, and marketing. Their primary objectives are to reduce poverty and to increase the standard of living for their community. Their development programs have benefitted approximately 5,000 people in Las Capucas and surrounding regions. The organization’s General Assembly has 10 members, nine of which are women. The General Assembly manages the democratic use of the Fair Trade premium.


We are very pleased to have a permanent doctor and medical supplies in our local health center. Everyone in the community benefits from it. In the past, it was too difficult to have medical attention because we are located in a rural area.  

José Omar Rodríguez Romero, COCAFCAL Member

We have obtained great results investing our Premium in social programs and diversification to our small producers. It is very important always to keep a good quality of coffee in order to increase sales and trust.  

José Omar Rodríguez Romero, COCAFCAL Member


High School Teacher Salary, Student Scholarships

The organization's education committee uses Fair Trade funds to pay the salary of a high school teacher for the immediate area, as well as provide six university scholarships to members' children in 2013.

Economic Diversification: Women Roasters, Bees and Fruits

COCAFCAL invested premiums into various diversification projects. They supported a group of beekeepers by constructing a honey extraction center, and they built a processing facility for women roasting coffee beans. They also supplied members with different fruit species to plant.

Community Doctor and Treatment Support

They have allocated premium funds to hire a doctor for their local health center, whose services will be available to everyone in the community, members and non-members alike. Funds are also available to members to help cover medication expenses.