Producer Profiles

COARENE - Cooperativa Agropecuaria Regional Nuevo Eden

The Cooperativa Agropecuaria Regional Nuevo Edén (COARENE), a coffee cooperative in Intibuca, Honduras, was established in 1991. COARENE was founded primarily to protect small-scale producers from exploitative intermediaries and to collectively work on improving the quality of coffee in the region. After gaining Fair Trade certification in 1993, COARENE is more able to strengthen their worker's incomes, self-esteem and general standards of life.


Before I became a member of COARENE, I used to sell my coffee to intermediaries and I hardly ever made a profit. Now that I am a member of a Fair Trade cooperative and produce organic coffee, things are beginning to change—I’ve been able to improve my family home’s floors and roof, and I have enough money to send my children to school.  

Rogelio López, Member


Funds for Organic Certification and Home Improvements

COARENE pays for the organic certification of interested members and offers a basic line of credit to members to purchase appropriate fertilizers and seeds. This credit line is also used for home improvement loans, significantly reducing farmers' dependence on external financiers.

Eco-Friendly Mills, Animal Husbandry, Free Machine Maintenance

The cooperative has purchased drying ovens, installed ecological wet mills and built storage facilities and drying patios. Annual maintenance of machinery is provided for all members. Recently, the cooperative has also supported a program in which members raise and sell honey bees for the local market. This is in addition to a small, but active, animal husbandry program and the regular distribution of grains to its members.