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Chundavurrai Estate - Kanan Devan Hills Plantations; Glenworth Estate; Kundaly; Kundalay

The Chundavurrai Estate is situated at about 6,000 feet from sea level, between the border of Tamilnadu and Kerala in India. It comprised of the four estates Chundavurrai, Kundaly, Chittavurrai and Yellapatty, commonly known as the Top Station estates, and forms part of the Kanan Devan Hills Plantations. The pioneer planters came to this district via the city of Bodinayakanur and used a ropeway to connect the various estates. This ropeway station is referred to as the Top Station, thus the name of the estates. Three of the estate’s tea fields are located in Tamilnadu. The Kundaly rivier divisions (about 256 hectares) produce organic tea, certified by IMO in Switzerland. The Kundaly Club, situated on the estate, contains diverse wildlife, particularly elephants and bisons. Chundavarrai is dedicated to innovation and improvement, with one of the first hydroelectric dams in Kerala located in the area.



Sports equipment was purchased for 14 divisions of the estate. Trophies for Best Team, Best Goalkeeper and Best Player were also funded by Fair Trade premiums in the InterDivision Football Tournament.

Financial investment For the Future

Looking towards the future, a certain percentage of each year's Fair Trade premium is placed in a Fixed Deposit Account, where the interest earned will be used towards a new development project each year.

Scholarship for workers' children

Scholarships of 3000 INR were awarded to the top 5 graduating students in the estate. The scholarships will allow these students to continue their education at university.

Hospital Upgrades

Water heaters were installed at the estate hospital, which provides services to 500 workers in the community. Additionally, emergency lights and power backups were installed, making the hospital more reliable and able to provide higher quality healthcare.