Producer Profiles

CENFROCAFE - Central Fronteriza Del Norte De Cafetaleros

CENFROCAFE was formed in 1999 when 11 organizations in the northern central region of Peru came together. They began with 220 producers, cultivating an estimated 9,000 quintals of coffee on about 760 hectares of land spread throughout the Cajamarca region. CENFROCAFE became Fair Trade Certified in 2007 which enabled producers more direct access to markets and comprehensive information on world coffee prices. They have strengthened their relationship with international partners while creating a more transparent and just supply chain. Coffee from this cooperative regularly places in the top of Peruvian gourmet coffee competitions.


“The Fair Trade Premium help improve the standard of living of producers, through technical assistance, distribution of fertilizers, and innovation in quality.”  




To improve food access and diversity, CENFROCAFE trained producers on gardening and animal husbandry techniques. CENFROCAFE also trained farmers on crop diversification, how to use integrated pest management practices, and how to reduce post-harvest losses through improved milling and storage.

Productivity & Quality

To encourage producers to adopt better agronomic practices, CENFROCAFE’s technical training program promotes economically viable practices for smallholder farmers. Along with agronomy trends, CENFROCAFE invested in management training and emphasized gender inclusion in the coffee industry.

CENFROCAFE supported the construction of 4 new wet mills and improved operations at 2 existing mills. The rationale behind the investment was for the wet mills to contribute to more specialty niche markets, in order to pass higher quality differentials on to members.

Producer Organizations

Thanks to an intensive training program in cooperative governance, CENFROCAFE has the capacity to support the economic development and well-being of its members and communities.