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Producer Profiles

CENFROCAFE - Central Fronteriza Del Norte De Cafetaleros

New variety investigation
Drying facility expansion, Palla Peña
In 1999, 11 organizations in the northern central region of Peru came together to form the Central Fronteriza Del Norte De Cafetaleros (CENFROCAFE). They started with 220 producers, cultivating an estimated 9,000 quintals of coffee on about 760 hectares of land spread throughout the Cajamarca region.

CENFROCAFE became Fair Trade Certified in 2007 which enabled producers more direct access to markets and comprehensive information on world coffee prices. They have strengthened their relationship with international partners while creating a more transparent and just supply chain. Coffee from this cooperative regularly places in the top of Peruvian gourmet coffee competitions.


We invest an estimated 30 percent of our Fair Trade premium to provide training and technical assistance programs to our members. We’ve seen our average production per hectare increase by 13,000 lbs in 2008 and by 21,000 lbs in 2012. This increase has enabled our members to earn more income for their families and improve their quality of life.  

Elmer Reynaldo Pena Silva, Commercial Manager


Beekeeping For Additional Income

Interested producers received training and materials to start beekeeping as a diversification strategy to complement their coffee incomes.

Organizational Strenghtening

One of the many organizational investments CENFROCAFE made involved training families. CENFROCAFE believes that a united family is committed to their land and to their cooperative. CENFROCAFE’s goal is to empower the entire family in matters such as finances, ROI, best farming practices, quality differentials, and more, which is why $36,790 of the premium went towards these trainings. All family members are invited to CENFROCAFE’s assembly meetings.

Staff Training and Development

CENFROCAFE provided workshops to develop producer skills and knowledge in production, quality regulation and certification standards.