Producer Profiles

CENCOIC - Central Cooperativa Indígena del Cauca

Central Cooperativa Indígena del Cauca (CENCOIC) is a coffee producer organization founded in 1980 as the commercial arm of the indigenous movement in Cauca, Colombia (Regional Indigenous Council of Cauca). The organization became Fair Trade certified in 1995 and since 2006, it has used its Fair Trade status to reduce the gap between the dominant multi-national roasters and small coffee producers. Currently, CENCOIC identifies coffee as its main line of action, with producer groups belonging to at least 24 indigenous reservations in the department of Cauca, and different indigenous groups located in the municipalities of Caldono, Piendamó, El Tambo, Santander de Quilichao, Toribio, Jambalo, Inza, Buenos Aires and Suarez. In 2010, coffee sales to the United States and Europe totaled to about 460,000 kilos.


Thanks to the Fair Trade market, I've obtained an additional quarter of a hectare of land to diversify my production with plantains, papayas and other products. This has given my family an additional source of income and a guaranteed food supply.  

Eduardo Haz, Member, Loma Linda