Producer Profiles

CECANOR - Central de Cafetaleros del Nor Oriente

CECANOR is a cooperative of coffee farmers from the Lambayeque region of Peru. Established in 1999 as a partnership between three regional cooperatives, CECANOR strives to receive a higher profit margin through direct sales to international markets. All of CECANOR’s producers now have additional production areas; have purchased some means of transportation, or have a small property in the city. With Café Femenino, women have the opportunity to participate in the coffee business and community projects, and serve as leaders in the community. Men have also begun to recognize the benefits of gender equality.


Thanks to CECANOR, I now have the freedom to attend the organization’s meetings, I can send my daughters to school, we have a hygienic bathroom, we have improved our processing plant, and my husband and I make decisions together. We as women do not wish to be greater than men, rather we just want to have equal opportunities.  

Erlita Baca Arce, Economic Secretary


Producer Organizations

CECANOR invested in training and capacity-building of members on the social, economic, and environmental practices required for organic and Fair Trade certifications. The cooperative also created a fund for pre- and post-harvest financing. This allows the cooperative to be more financially independent, enjoy lower interest rates, and less debt.

Productivity & Quality

More than 50% of CECANOR’s members live in areas of extreme poverty. The cooperative has prioritized investments to improve performance per hectare. Premium investments for training on harvest and post-harvest practices help to meet this end. Ultimately these investments help members to be more profitable in the long run.