Producer Profiles


Irrigation system installation, Tallapampa
Wet mill improvements, Huamboya
Central de Servicios Cafetaleros del Nor Oriente (CECANOR) is a cooperative of coffee farmers from the Lambayeque region of Peru. Established in 1999 as a partnership between three regional cooperatives and receiving their Fair Trade certification that same year, CECANOR strives to receive a higher profit margin through direct sales to international markets. Since its inception, the cooperative has been committed to quality production, environmental preservation and community development. Twenty percent of CECANOR’s members are women, and one represents the cooperative on Peru’s National Coffee Board.

CECANOR is an organization where 50 percent of members are small producers located in areas of extreme poverty. The organization has prioritized using resources towards capacity building and member empowerment. All of CECANOR’s producers now have additional production areas; have purchased some means of transportation, or a small property in the city. The majority of the members now have goals of furthering the education of their children and many currently have children attending university.

With CECANOR, women have had the chance to participate in community projects and serve as leaders in the community and region. With Café Femenino in place, men have also begun to recognize the education of women is better for their families and for society in general. Women have earned a place of respect and power in the family and abuse of women has decreased considerably.


Organizational Strength

CECANOR seeks to strengthen community level organizations through premium resources, meetings, printed material such as newsletters, participation in events, a mortuary fund, and village committees.

Management Strengthening

Activities are primarily aimed at capacity building of senior management and the internal control system, as well as the promotion of leadership in women and youth, creating equal opportunities for women and men. This is achieved through workshops and meetings.