Producer Profiles

CARUCHIL - Cooperativa Agropecuaria Regional Unión Chinacla

In 1980, a group of farmers formed the Cooperativa Agropecuaria Regional Unión Chinacla, or CARUCHIL, to collectively grow and sell their corn. Shortly after the group’s formation, the farmers began growing coffee and used their combined profits to purchase more land and build an office and warehouse. Today, the group has over 325 members, all of which are transitioning to 100 percent organic coffee farming methods. CARUCHIL’s commitment to environmental stewardship includes programs for their farmers on technical assistance and sustainable agriculture. Loans, micro-credit programs and marketing are other services the cooperative offers its members. CARUCHIL became Fair Trade Certified TM in 1993.


We invite consumers to buy our products because their purchase contributes to the economic, environmental and social development of our communities.  

Rosario Pineda, Administrative Director


Safe Environmental Practices

Through sustainable agriculture programs and trainings, members learned to recycle and reuse plant byproducts. Coffee husks and wood pulp fuel drying machines, for example, and the water used is filtered before it is returned to the river system.