Producer Profiles


Coop Juan Santos (Cooperativa Agroecológica Industrial Juan Santos Atahualpa) was founded in 2011, by 20 members. They currently export organic and Fair Trade certified coffee. JUAN SANTOS members are located in the basin of Perené and Pichanaki in the central jungle department of Junín.


“Our members value the social impacts of the standards of Fair Trade. These achievements have been made through transparency, fairness, inclusion of women in coffee production, new measures to protect the environment and the prohibition of child labor.”  

Wilfredo Gutierrez, PRESIDENT OF THE BOARD


Farmer Finances

Coop Juan Santos used part of the premium to pay members more for their coffee, in order to remain competitive in the local market filled with middlemen.

Producer Organizations

Producers took part in Coop Juan Santos’ training program, oriented to promote practices that maximize yield and minimize environmental impacts. Coop Juan Santos believes that by applying indigenous knowledge and traditional practices, trainings are more sensitive and relevant to the local context, and more likely to be implemented.

Thanks to the Fair Trade premium, Coop Juan Santos was able to operate more efficiently and effectively as a business. This included investing in collection, commercialization, and accounting staff.

Productivity & Quality

Coop Juan Santos hired two field technicians who specialize in organic, sustainable production. Coop Juan Santos financed new processing stations, allowing producers to sell their coffee at a better price. The coop also invested in infrastructure to improve coffee quality, processing, and exporting.


Social and economic services.