Producer Profiles

Café Doncel

Café Doncel’s producers were originally from the Cajamarca and Amazonas regions of northern Peru, joining together with the purpose of exporting directly to obtain better prices and improve their economic situation. Producers colonized the valley of Alto Mayo for its lush forests, rich soils, and favorable conditions for growing coffee. The production area of Café Doncel ranges from 900 to 1700 meters above sea level. Café Doncel currently has a presence in the regions of Cajamarca and San Martin.


“Fair Trade helps us to generate new business and contributes towards better relationships with partners, fostering greater knowledge-share so that we are able to remain competitive.”  

Segundo Ortiz, General Manager


Producer Organizations

In order to be able to sell into the Fair Trade market, Café Doncel used the premium to contract the services of PRODELSUR, a coffee processor in Peru. Members also voted to use the premium to partially pay for organic and Fair Trade certification costs, which allows Café Doncel access to international markets.

Farmer Finances

Café Doncel used the premium to compensate members for the continuously low coffee market price, as well as to stay competitive with the local buyers.

Productivity & Quality

Café Doncel invested the premium in paying for and training technicians as well as members. Members also agreed to invest in biofertilizer production, as well as pest control methods like organic lime sulfur, to help with productivity and reduce loss due to diseases such as rust. Additionally Café Doncel invested the premium in demonstrative plots, which aid members in serving as an example of sustainable soil management.