Producer Profiles

Café de Altura de San Ramón Especial

Café de Altura de San Ramón Especial S. A is Costa Rican organization established in 2004, just recently certified under the Independent Smallholders Initiative. Since its founding, it has consistently maintained a high caliber of coffee. The name of this company, Café de Altura, can be defined as Coffee of High Quality or Coffee of High Altitude, both of which hold true for the 536 shareholders who farm the lofty mountains of San Ramón. The community cultivates their award-winning crops in harmony with nature, producing 100 percent shade grown, sun-dried beans regularly recognized for their high quality, outstanding body, exquisite flavor and aroma.

Café de Altura provides benefits to its community and encourages all of its members to take part in the democratic running of the organization. The farmers are looking forward to launching an oral hygiene clinic for the community after receiving their first round of Fair Trade premiums. The shareholders are looking forward to future growth, and have recently taken steps to process their own product. With environmental sustainability and community development on vanguard of their innovative agenda, this company and its final product are a prime example of Fair Trade principles.


“We believe in working together- if we all hold hands and work together, all the community benefits. Fair Trade is a way to continue doing that. We want benefits for the whole community and not only for a few”  

Cecilio Jimenez



After Fair Trade sales increase, the farmers of Café de Altura also want to focus on tackling the main problems in the region: creating more economic opportunities for new generations and decreasing migration to the city. They also hope to promote efforts to preserve the environment.