Producer Profiles

CAC Satipo - Cooperativa Agraria Cafetalera Satipo

Hector Raul Camayo Sedano, CAC Satipo Manager of Certification and Production.
Jessica Pariona, producer, with her sons. She received seeds to plant a vegetable garden, a project financed with FTP support.
In 1965, 50 small coffee producers from Junín, Peru came together to form the Cooperativa Agraria Cafetelera Satipo Ltda (CAC Satipo). Before the formal organization, producers relied on intermediaries for sales, who paid extremely low prices for their coffee. Communities in the area were poverty-stricken and lacked access to basic education and medical attention. By forming a cooperative, members hoped to cut out middlemen and increase profits from coffee sales and thus improve their quality of life and that of their families' and community. Since becoming Fair Trade Certified TM in 1997, CAC Satipo members have received higher and more stable prices for their coffee, as well as support for a variety of social programs benefitting their community.


Fair Trade consumers should trust the products made by organized cooperative groups, because we produce with art and passion, carefully managing our production processes to create coffee of the highest quality. We are very conscious of Fair Trade — it is a source of sustainability at the organizational level, and it has improved our quality of life. As producers, we feel very proud because our products are exported directly, and we know that the consumers are humanitarian people who contribute to the development of those dedicated to this humble activity of coffee production.  

Hector Camayo Sedano, Manager of Certification


A Truck for Coffee Transfers

The cooperative purchased a truck to transport coffee cherries to collection centers.

Healthcare Support

When members need medical attention, the cooperative helps cover their treatment expenses.