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CAC Oro Verde - Cooperativa Agraria Cafetalera y de Servicios Oro Verde

The organization's official logo.
The Cooperativa Agraria Cafetalera Oro Verde, or more simply, "Oro Verde," is a group of small-scale coffee and cocoa producers located in the high mountains of northern Peru. During the 1980’s, terrorism and drug trafficking heavily affected this region due to its extreme poverty. With the intervention of the United Nations in the early 1990s, coffee producers were given assistance in organizing themselves into democratic cooperatives, and the members of Oro Verde began working together with the hope of improving their standard of living by marketing their coffee more effectively, and in unison.

Oro Verde was officially established as a cooperative in 1999, and became Fair Trade certified by FLO in 2002. Organization members have decided to use the increased revenue from sales to Fair Trade markets to build a processing plant that has improved coffee quality and production, amongst other investments. Oro Verde was a recipient of Fair Trade USA’s Small Grants Program for the Mitigation and Prevention of Coffee Leaf Rust in 2013, in which they were identified by a committee of external experts as the organization with an exemplar commitment and plan to prevent their crops from this disease. More uses of the Fair Trade Premium by the organization follow.


Fair trade provides a way to sell our coffee and cocoa for a fair price. It opens up international markets, especially the organic market, so we can get more money for our product. If prices are low, it is difficult for my family to survive. A fair price helps us to maintain the farm; we can hire workers and have more money to help our family. With a fair price, we can afford to eat chickens and raise more chickens in the house, in order to make my kids healthy and strong.  

Pastor Sangama Guerra


Medical Care

Oro Verde has used portions of the Fair Trade premium to help finance health days for producers. As part of these "health days," doctors visit difficult to reach communities and provide medical advice and necessary medication. This service is free for all member producers and their families.

Technical Assistance to Farmers

Oro Verde has used Fair Trade premiums to pay for the provision of technical assistance to their farmers. The dissemination of improved farming techniques has helped to increase the productivity of Oro Verde’s farmers, leading to a higher income for the farmer and their family.

Aiming for Food Security

Food security and nutrition can be a big problem for Peruvian families, especially those with little income. Oro Verde has used the premium to help farmers grow additional crops, such as numerous types of vegetables, to help protect the food security of farmers and their families.