Producer Profiles

CAC Nahuala - Coop. Agrícola Cafetalera y Servicios Varios

Cooperativa Agrícola Cafetalera Nahualá (CAC Nahualá) was founded in 1968 by American priest James Taques alongside local catechist Manuel Chox Guarchaj in the department of Sololá, Guatemala. Together, they were determined to expand the cooperative to other villages within the municipalities of Nahualá and Santa Catarina, in hopes of improving the standard of living for small coffee producers cheated by intermediaries who purchased their product at extremely low prices. CAC Nahualá became Fair Trade Certified TM in 2001.


Crop Diversification for Additional Income

The cooperative assisted members in generating additional sources of income by introducing the production and sale of honey and organic bananas.

Transition to Organic Production

Fair Trade premiums were used to transition producers to complete organic cultivation. The cooperative provided training in organic and sustainable farming practices.

Credit Program

The cooperative elected to use Fair Trade premiums for a credit program that allowed members to access loans for production projects.