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CAC Los Chankas - Coop. Agraria Los Chankas Selva Central

Cooperativa Agraria Cafetalera Las Chankas Selva Central or “CAC Los Chankas” , founded in 2007, is a coffee cooperative located in the Apurimac region in southern Peru. The mountainous region has a rich history, with evidence of agricultural settlements dating back to more than four thousand years ago. The cooperative is named for the members’ ancestors, Los Chankas, the original settlers of the area.
Previously, many of the members were part of a private business called “Negociaciones Flor De María Sociedad Anónima,” but were not seeing the results and benefits for the community they desired, so, after seven years, members left the business and formed a cooperative. The cooperative was a success and rapidly expanded from 23 producers to 126 producers. In 2010, Los Chankas took another step forward to benefit their producers and became Fair Trade Certified TM.
Since the cooperative’s founding, they have focused on producing high quality coffee while also promoting development in their community. Los Chankas continues to be an innovator in the region and, most recently, has been working on producing and certifying organic coffee.


Firstly, my most sincere recognition for the activities that you are developing for Fair Trade producers, and my infinite thanks for your support during SCAA, which was a particularly successful experience for me. I was able to meet importers and social lenders with whom we have started a commercial relationship  

Santos Chipana


Quality Assurance Program

Fair Trade premiums have helped Los Chankas finance a training program for producers’ children to become coffee cuppers and learn the responsibility of assuring coffee quality. In doing so, a new generation of farmers has been given the tools to continue the cooperative’s tradition of producing high quality beans. This program not only helps Los Chankas to successfully meet client requirements, it also gives the cooperative an edge in negotiating better prices. In 2013, Los Chankas plans to continue funding this program and has already chosen five students to pursue further training, this time in quality management.