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CAC La Florida - Cooperativa Agraria Cafetalera La Florida

Image of the organization's headquarters.
The organization's logo.
A group of 50 small-scale coffee farmers from Peru’s Chanchamayo region came together in 1966 to form the Cooperativa Agraria Cafetalera La Florida (CAC La Florida) in order to bypass local intermediaries. Their efforts have brought much needed education, infrastructure, credit and environmental restoration to this remote corner of the Peruvian jungle.

Since 1966, the organization has grown to include 984 members at its peak. These benefits emphasize the socio-economic development of its members and the protection of the environment. Their education programs provide training for members, workshops on coffee production and management sessions for community youth. This includes access to new libraries, school gardens and uniforms. CAC La Florida believes their children are the future of the cooperative and must therefore provide support in educating strong leaders capable of management roles. In 2010, CAC La Florida began to develop social performance indicators on which to evaluate their existing programs and develop new ones tailored to the needs of members and the community.

CAC La Florida’s commitment to environmental protection has led the cooperative to educate farmers on how to protect the soil from erosion, retain moisture and restore its fertility. Members believe it is vital to support the ecosystem as it is home to many different species of insects, birds and animals. For over thirteen years, CAC La Florida has been committed to providing high quality, organic coffee to buyers and continues to strive for improvements in environmental protection, the quality of life of community members, and the quality of their product.


Fair Trade Certification has strengthened our organization and consolidated our governance which has taken many years of work. It has helped us acquire facilities that enable high levels of production without ever compromising quality. We’ve installed industrial drying stations, new outdoor paved surfaces for natural drying, and a wet processing plant. All of this helps guarantee the quality of our product.  

Pablo Vargas Chávez, CAC La Florida

Small producers deserve the added value Fair Trade brings because of their hard work to meet certification standards and responsibilities. This value should be shared between the producer and consumer – on the producer end, because of their efforts –on the consumer end, because of the quality product.  

Pablo Vargas Chávez, Manager


Home Kitchen and Bathroom Installations

An estimated 900 producers received construction materials and labor support to improve or install bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms in their homes.

Facility Maintenance and Upgrades

CAC La Florida had invested in the upkeep of its wet mills, drying stations, de-pulping stations and collection centers.

New Species Planted

To improve soil health through diversification and promote conservation, 350 local plant species were planted on producers’ land.