Producer Profiles

CAC La Florida - Cooperativa Agraria Cafetalera La Florida

Benedicta Villcas Alvites, fertilizer beneficiary
Pest and disease prevention training
Maintainenance of depulping machinery
Orlando Poma Annco with a trimming tool purchased with the Fair Trade premium
A group of 50 small-scale coffee farmers from Peru’s Chanchamayo region came together in 1966 to form the Cooperativa Agraria Cafetalera La Florida (CAC La Florida) in order to bypass local intermediaries. Their efforts have brought much needed education, infrastructure, credit and environmental restoration to this remote corner of the Peruvian jungle.

Since 1966, the organization has grown to include 984 members at its peak. These benefits emphasize the socio-economic development of its members and the protection of the environment. Their education programs provide training for members, workshops on coffee production and management sessions for community youth. This includes access to new libraries, school gardens and uniforms. CAC La Florida believes their children are the future of the cooperative and must therefore provide support in educating strong leaders capable of management roles. In 2010, CAC La Florida began to develop social performance indicators on which to evaluate their existing programs and develop new ones tailored to the needs of members and the community.

CAC La Florida’s commitment to environmental protection has led the cooperative to educate farmers on how to protect the soil from erosion, retain moisture and restore its fertility. Members believe it is vital to support the ecosystem as it is home to many different species of insects, birds and animals. For over thirteen years, CAC La Florida has been committed to providing high quality, organic coffee to buyers and continues to strive for improvements in environmental protection, the quality of life of community members, and the quality of their product.


“We always try to provide the best service to our members, so that they are always happy and satisfied with the price and service that they receive. We know that they are grateful to be a part of this cooperative.”  

Javier Rojas

Thanks to our cooperative, we can overcome any challenge. We had the means to confront roya, and as such it did not greatly affect us. In the future, we want to focus on quality and not quantity. Next year we will have our own processing plant. Thanks to the Fair Trade premium, my children were able to study and did not get sick. If there is no buyer, there is no producer. We hope that US consumers continue to support us. Royal Coffee has visited us, not just in our offices, but has gone to members’ farms. That is something we value greatly, all of our buyers are welcome to visit.  

Angel Quilca Rondan



LA FLORIDA invested premium dollars in various trainings for producers, including good agricultural practices, coffee fertilization, pest and disease prevention, and specialty coffee certifications. This investment also covered technical assistance for members, as well as the monitoring, standards compliances, and maintenance of organic and sustainable production norms of existing certifications.


LA FLORIDA invested in the upkeep of various wet mill equipment within two processing centers.


LA FLORIDA distributed fertilizer to increase productivity for members, which ultimately leads to their increased productivity and economic well-being.