Producer Profiles

CAC Divisoria

Having survived the political violence of the late 1980’s and 1990’s, families of small coffee producers in the departments of Huanuco and Ucayali in Peru, decided to form a cooperative and help each other increase the productivity and quality of their coffee. Together, they established control mechanisms guaranteeing the sustainable management of their primary resources while also contributing to the protection and conservation of the environment. The cooperative became Fair Trade Certified in 2004.

Today, CAC Divisoria’s infrastructure includes several small stores, laboratories and machinery and equipment used to maintain cocoa bean quality. Fair Trade premiums and collaborations with other NGOs have helped the cooperative develop training programs for its workers, providing substantial help in producing a better product, up to par with international standards and markets, and whose price difference favors the improvement of farmers’ standards of living.


The Fair Trade premium is allowing all family members of the cooperative to improve their technical skills and obtain better quality coffee. It reminds us of the great value of family and the important role our spouses play.  

Ignacio Bravo Condezo

The Fair Trade premium is a valuable economic source that is helping everyone in our organization better understand production techniques. It is helping us staff our technical department, improve production, raise our standard of living and simply strengthen our organization in its entirety.  

Aurelio Nuñez Marcos, CAC Divisoria member


Higher Learning Scholarships

CAC Divisoria supports member families by offering varied scholarships to high achieving students in the community. An education scholarship is provided to these students so they may go on to pursue higher education degrees at a college or a vocational school. This is an exceptional opportunity for these students since traditionally, many in the community have limited or no formal education.

Healthcare Fund

Family farms tend to invest as much as possible into their coffee production and can find themselves in need of financial assistance when personal healthcare becomes an issue. CAC Divisoria unanimously supports farmers in those critical times when medical assistance is needed for emergencies, surgeries, and other general healthcare needs. A stipend is provided to those coop members that find themselves in need of medical assistance to be able to actually receive the necessary treatment.

Production Expansion

Using Fair Trade guidelines as the outline for this expansion, over 46,000 meters sq. of land have been purchased by CAC Divisoria to provide extended production opportunities to its members. More members are now able to increase their potential income by having access to more usable land.

Quality Improvement via Fertilization

The continuous improvement of coffee production is an important focus for CAC Divisoria. To assist with this goal, fertilizers are provided to members thanks to a rotating fund that has been created. Organic fertilizers are prepared and distributed to members on a need-basis which provide farmers with vital support for the improvement of the quality of each season's production.