Producer Profiles

Bosques Verdes

Bosques Verdes is located in the province of San Ignacio, in the department of Cajamarca, and was formed in 2005. The founding members were former watchmen that came together in order to sell their product at higher prices, avoiding middlemen that often took advantage of the producers by paying low prices. Through organization and collaboration, they seek to improve the quality of life of each of their families.


“Fair Trade has been particularly beneficial to the cooperative financially. In 2013, banks weren’t lending because of coffee leaf rust. Banks were only lending to those that belonged to Fair Tarde Certified cooperatives, because the certification served as an additional collateral.”  

Richard Jaramillo, General Manager



Fifteen families benefitted from the premium by way of Bosques Verdes’ building up-to-date, safer, and healthier kitchens. The cooperative was also able to use the premium to cover the cost of a cervical cancer prevention nurse, benefitting the women of San Ignacio.

Productivity & Quality

By investing the premium in the purchase of fertilizer and soil sample equipment, as well as conducting soil analyses and technical trainings, Bosques Verdes members are better equipped to improve the quality of their coffee.

Producer Organizations

Bosques Verdes used part of the premium to invest in organizational infrastructure that would allow them to succeed and access international markets, including organic and Fair Trade certification costs, internal inspections, and attending important industry events.

Farmer Finances

Bosques Verdes provided members with pre-harvest financing via the premium so that members would have enough capital to harvest, store, and transport their product.