Producer Profiles

BAGUA GRANDE - Cooperativa Agraria Cafetalera Bagua Grande

CAC BAGUA GRANDE is located in the Amazonas region of northeastern Peru. Established in 1979 in response to low prices paid by local coyotes, CAC BAGUA GRANDE has grown to be the largest coffee cooperative in its region. The decision to unite under this umbrella organization came with the realization that they needed to reach major negotiating power against intermediaries. Only then would they be able to work towards improving the quality of life for its members.


“Fair Trade Certification allows our organization to sell our members’ coffee to international specialty coffee markets, where both the quality and hard work of our producers is valued.”  

Damaris Delgado, Logistical Coordinator


Productivity & Quality

CAC BAGUA GRANDE trained members on coffee production best practices, as well as on the coffee market to keep them informed on the latest trends. Additionally the premium went toward organic fertilizers and a new drier to assist members whose coffee grows at higher altitudes where there is less sun.

Producer Organizations

CAC BAGUA GRANDE invested the premium in various certifications that help the cooperative access higher-priced, international markets.


CAC BAGUA GRANDE created a fund for both agricultural insurance and social security, for when members need assistance most.