Producer Profiles

ASOPROKAN - Asociación Productores Agroecológicos Kankuamos

ASOPROKAN is a coffee cooperative in Colombia formed by 150 members of the Kankuamo indigenous community, primarily situated along the country’s Caribbean and northern coast. Seeking a means to strengthen their coffee production without jeopardizing their unique culture or identity, and recognizing individuals’ skills and potential, the group united as the Asociacion de Productores Agroecológicos Indígenas Kankuamos de la Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, or ASOPROKAN, in 2008.

Fully aware of the sometimes highly volatile commodity market, ASOPROKAN understands the value of high quality coffee and deems it a priority to differentiate their caliber in international markets and help protect themselves and their families from at times uncertain and low incomes. ASOPROKAN works to increase the well being of their members and families by providing a quality product with environmentally sustainable practices all while maintaining their ancestral beliefs and traditions. The organization received organic certification in 2008 and Fair Trade certification the following year. While currently only Fair Trade certified for coffee, members of ASOPROKAN are also proud producers of “panela” (unrefined whole sugar cane), medical plants, teas, mangos and other fruits.