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ASOPROCASINES - Productores Orgánicos Arhuacos y Campesinos

The Asociación de Productores Orgánicos Arhuacos y Campesinos (ASOPROCASINES, formerly Tiwen) is a Colombian coffee cooperative founded in 2000. The association is composed of an estimated 187 indigenous families and 68 settler families in Arhuaco, a region located on the east side of the Sierra Nevada mountains, in the Arawak Indian reservations of northern Colombia.

This region is characterized by a relatively recent colonization; about 50 years ago, these lands were wholly occupied and managed by the Arawaks. The settlers were farmers from other regions displaced by violence. The relationship between the indigenous peoples and settlers in the area is peaceful, but distant. The Indians claim the land of the original settlers is their ancestral land, and the settlers hold typical prejudices against the indigenous people. Despite these cultural differences, the cooperative is strong and members work together to improves their standards of life, and those of the community.


Monetary Incentive for Organic Agriculture

ASOPROCASINES elected to have a portion of their Fair Trade premium directly benefit producers. Organic coffee producers receive an additional 800 Colombian pesos (about 45 US cents) per kilgoram, and conversion coffee producers receive 400 Colombian pesos (about 25 US cents) per kilogram, presenting a monetary incentive for producers to convert to organic agriculture.