Producer Profiles

ASOCHAJUL - Asociación Chajulense Val Vaq Quyol

ASOCHAJUL is a prominent organization in the small city of San Gaspar Chajul, nestled in the remote mountains of Guatemala. While the city has over 25,000 inhabitants, most people are unemployed and live in poverty. In 1988, Mayan farmers and surviving members of the former cooperative La Unión Ixil established an informal association to address the exploitation of farmers by intermediaries and to provide members with affordable access to necessities. Members worked together to create a pharmacy, purchase a corn mill and open a small grocery store. ASOCHAJUL was formally founded in 1990 by 1,800 farmers in San Gaspar Chajul, El Quiche, Guatemala.


Changes in the weather, such as the timing of rainfall and other conditions, make the cycle of the disease harder to predict and treat. The challenge again is all the things are costly. In the long term it pays off because you protect the plantation and you ensure good production and that’s the message to the members.  

Miguel Tzoy, Commercial Manager of ASOCHAJUL


Productivity & Quality

Since ASHOCHAJUL was hit hard by coffee leaf rust, members firmly voted to invest the premium in inputs that would promote recovery – principally tools, materials to implement nurseries, and biofertilizer equipment.

Farmer Finances

Due to coffee leaf rust and subsequently lower production, ASOCHAJUL used part of the premium to compensate producers, and incentivizing producers to sell to the coop rather than middlemen.