Producer Profiles

APROVAT - Asoc Productores Orgánicos del Valle de Tabaconas

APROVAT is made up of 15 small communities located at the foot of the Tabacones Namballe National Sanctuary, in the mountainous region of Cajamarca, Perú. The national santuary is home to over 128 unique species including the endangered spectacle bear and mountain tapir. Not only is this area very biodiverse, it also protects a pristine watershed system which ensures the stability of the soil.

APROVAT members for the most part live in the buffer zone below the sanctuary. The organization works with 174 farmers to promote better management of existing natural resources and production of high-quality coffee beans. To that end, APROVAT provides environmental awareness workshops on protection of the Tabacones Nabmalle Santuary and promotes sustainable coffee production practices. Their training approach promotes sustainable coffee crop management with a focus on organic cultivation.

APROVAT leaders believe Fair Trade helps guide their members to be good stewards of their land as they work towards a better quality of life for their community.


Without Fair Trade, it would have been impossible to move forward as an organization, to have a development perspective and to find solutions to the production and environmental problems our community faces. Today, better coffee prices have been established in the local market and we are ensured a better price for our coffee in the international market. For us, Fair Trade is the backbone of change and development, it guides inspires, moves and gives us, small producers, hope for better times.  

Luis Bobadilla Solórzano, VP Exec Council APROVAT


Fair Trade Training

In order to explain and promote the standards and benefits of Fair Trade, APROVAT invested $406 USD of their Fair Trade premium on cooperative member trainings. An additional $221 USD was used to prepare, print and distribute the Bylaws and Regulations of Fair Trade premium use to cooperative members.

Credit Program for Members

APROVAT dedicated $2,505 in Fair Trade premiums to a credit fund for cooperative members. Farmers many times use the credit system to purchase organic and mineral fertilizers for their coffee farms.

Quality Control, Equipment and Organic Certification

APROVAT invested Fair Trade Premiums towards training cooperative personnel on Coffee Cupping skills. Staff members attended courses on coffee tasting techniques and bean quality analysis. Upon "graduation" from the course, staff members were awarded participation certificates. The cooperative used $792 USD in Fair Trade premiums to purchase quality control equipment, including a new mesh kit, scale and moisture measure. APROVAT also used portions of the Fair Trade premium to fund their organic and Fair Trade certification fees and on-site audits.

First Aid Kits

APROVAT used Fair Trade premiums to purchase first aid kits for various educational institutions throughout 13 communities in the Tabaconas region. At a ceremony where the first aid kits were delivered, managers and directors of the local schools were trained on how to utilize the kits.