Producer Profiles

APROMALPI - Asociación Productores de Mango del Alto Piura

The Asociación de Productores de Mangos del Alto Piura (APROMALPI) consists of 168 small mango farmers spanning over 617 hectares in Peru’s northern region of Chulucanas. Each producer works with about two or three hectares of land, producing and exporting mainly fresh Kent variety mangos, as well as the pulp of Edward variety mangos. While over half of this area is dedicated to mango production for export, APROMALPI members also grow passion fruit and lemon in smaller quantities for domestic consumption. Members of APROMALPI became Fair Trade Certified™ to establish a more direct relationship with buyers and to secure a fair price for their product.


Training and Team Building

APROMALPI has been able to hold capacity building programs with the help of their Fair Trade premiums. Members have benefited from trainings on leadership, team motivation and business organization. With these programs members are able to better manage their own organization and play a hands on role in the overall structure and development of their organization.

Global Gap Certification and Implementation

APROMALPI is using Fair Trade premiums to invest in achieving quality certification, which will add value to their product and enable the producers to receive a higher price for their harvest. APROMALPI members are focused on reaching GLOBAL G.A.P. certification, a certification that requires high investments to comply with their standards, designed to reassure consumers their food is produced with minimal environmental impacts. The certification also ensures each farmer's health and safety is held as one of the organization's top priorities.

Agricultural Inputs

APROMALPI has a fund dedicated to purchasing agricultural inputs for its mango crop.

Community Celebrations

On Mother's Day, APROMALPI gives a basket of staple foods to all members who are also mothers and to all members' wives.