Producer Profiles


APROECO (Asociación de Productores Ecológicos) was founded in 1999 in Moyobamba, Perú, representing small coffee producers in the departments of San Martín and Amazonas. APROECO seeks to be a leading cooperative in Perú, improving the quality of life of its members by way of producing organic, environmentally conscious products for consumers.


“We have started to train 30 children of members to be Field Technicians, so that they can have a future in coffee. The Field Technicians are all under 40 years of age. We currently have a young cupper, soon to be three more. Every region will be covered by at least one Technician, each with a demonstrative plot. Thanks to Fair Trade, we can be competitive.”  

Martin Rojas, President


Productivity & Quality

Previously, producers felt they were not seeing improvements in quality and productivity, as the technicians did not have enough bandwidth to visit everyone on a regular basis. Thanks to the Fair Trade premium, APROECO was able to hire and train 15 Field Technicians so that more members than ever could be attended.

APROECO also invested the premium in 3 new Guardiola dryers to facilitate coffee drying, particularly beneficial in the very wet climate in which they are located.