Producer Profiles

APROCASSI - Cooperativa de Servicios Multiples San Ignacio

APROCASSI is located in the mountainous region of the Cajamarca province in Perú. APROCASSI was founded in 2000 by small producers committed to earning a fair price for their coffee. This region of Perú is also marked by national and international mining companies who often do not pay laborers a fair wage. APROCASSI formed to give people an alternative to the mining industry. APROCASSI continually seeks to produce high-quality coffee and to improve its members’ standard of living through higher prices.


"In order to aspire to high coffee quality, and subsequently better prices, we believe it is necessary to organize, since we deliver technical support to partners. The additional value producers receive from the Fair Trade premium is invested in a good education for their children and to help care for the environment, as they are concerned about climate change."  



Producer Organizations

Organization-wide trainings covering topics such as organizational strength, leadership, and business management were funded by the premium, as well as internet inspections, accounting software, and the promotion of the cooperative in both local and international industry events.

Farmer Finances

In order to compensate members fairly, and to adjust for fluctuations in the C market price, APROCASSI used part of the premium for second payment.

Productivity & Quality

APROCASSI used premium funds to purchase equipment including scales, a grinder, and a roasting machine. These investments were also leveraged towards harvest and post-harvest trainings covering topics such as fertilization, rehabilitation, organic production norms, and more.


APROCASSI used part of the premium to comprise an environmental stewardship fund.