Producer Profiles

APKO - Asosiasi Petani Kopi Organik

Asosiasi Petani Kopi Organik (APKO) is an Indonesian cooperative of coffee growers, established in April 2007 in the Gayo Highlands of the Bener Meriah region of Aceh. For the farmers of this region, agriculture is the main source of income, and coffee is the main crop. APKO was formed by coffee farmers who were interested in joining a Fair Trade certified organization smaller than those already available in the area.

Within three years of opening, APKO counted with 796 members, all of which were certified organic. Associates come from 15 different villages in the region and its organizational structure includes a uniform platform to elect village representatives into the general assembly.

The cooperative hopes to use Fair Trade premiums to establish various social and productive programs. They will use funds for educational scholarships, insulin, earthquake rebuilding, a cultural festival and grass cutters to improve productivity.