Producer Profiles

APECAFE - Asociación de Pequeños Productores de Café de El Salvador

APECAFE, or the Asociación de Pequeños Productores de Café de El Salvador, is an organization of small farmer cooperatives from different regions of rural El Salvador. In 1997, local farmers united to form a cooperative based on common goals of voluntary membership, solidarity and an improved standard of living.

APECAFE has steadily increased their direct exports to international Fair Trade markets since becoming Fair Trade Certified in 1998. After a long period of economic failure, the cooperative's involvement with Fair Trade facilitated negotiations with lenders, gradually decreasing their debt and beginning to retain capital and plan investments to increase efficiency and productivity.

APECAFE claims Fair Trade has attracted new members to their organization, and Fair Trade premiums have enabled them to establish various social and productive programs benefiting their communities.


By earning a Fair Trade price, I was able to send my children to high school and improve my home by adding electricity and potable water.  

Juan Zacariás, Member, Las Colinas

Our work is more valuable thanks to the benefits that we have obtained through Fair Trade.  

Guillermo Hernández, Committee Leader


Crop-Diversification Project

The members of APECAFE created a crop-diversification project that promotes the cultivation of bananas, avocados and lemons. The co-op trained members in shade-grown and organic farming methods.

Road Repairs and Transportation

APECAFE has invested in road repairs and improving transportation services to remote areas.

First Aid Clinics

The cooperative supplies communal clinics and first aid posts for members.