Producer Profiles

Aldea Global - Asociación Aldea Global Jinotega

ALDEA GLOBAL was founded in 1992 by 22 indigenous farmers in the mountainous region of northern Nicaragua. These Chorotega descendants formed the cooperative to promote sustainable agricultural practices that would help protect their environment and improve their quality of life. Today the association focuses on the growth of the cooperative by promoting efficient commercialization, solidarity and alternative credit services, while maintaining a commitment to the environment. ALDEA GLOBAL has also made gender equity a priority.


“Thanks to Fair Trade certification, ALDEA GLOBAL is able to access greater market opportunities and recognition among roasters, importers, financial lenders, and other actors along the coffee supply chain.”  

Warren Armstrong, General Manager


Producer Organizations

Thanks to the Fair Trade premium, ALDEA GLOBAL has created a network of technicians to work hands-on with members. These technicians not only assist members in increasing productivity, they also are verifying that members are complying with environmental, labor, and social standards.

Farmer Finances

ALDEA GLOBAL has used the premium to create a working capital fund for members. The fund is in the name of each member, like a savings account, so that if they were to leave the cooperative, they could withdraw their funds. However in the meantime, the capital increases the assets of the organization and opens up more opportunities with financial institutions so that they may be subject to credit and ultimately provide better services to members.