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Producer Profiles

AKSCG Kilicafe - Kilimanjaro Specialty Coffee Growers

The Association of Kilimanjaro Specialty Coffee Growers (AKSCG or “Kilicafe”) was established in April 2001 with the support of the American NGO “Technoserve.” In the beginning, ten farmer business groups formed the association to sell and market their specialty coffee jointly, committed to produce a high quality product that would garner higher prices. The founding groups were located in Northern Tanzania in the regions of Arusha, Kilimanjaro and Manyara. In 2002, with support from USAID, they expanded to include groups towards the south. Today, more than 130 groups, or an estimated 6,000 farmers, form different parts of the country form Kilicafe. They have been Fair Trade certified since 2004.


Community Health Program

In their general assembly, the Umoja Ilela chapter of Kilicafe voted to use Fair Trade premiums to reinstall the area’s health program and provide their community with basic care. Medical kits were delivered on a monthly basis and the dispensary was staffed daily with medical assistants and nurses. Pregnant women could now deliver babies safely and residents could get treatment for almost any non-emergency. The cooperative plans to continue to invest in its community’s health.