Producer Profiles

AGUADAS - Cooperativa de Caficultores de Aguadas Pipinta

Cooperativa Caficultores de Aguadas Pipinta (AGUADAS) is a coffee cooperative situated in the Caldas region of Colombia that exports through EXPOCAFE. The municipality of Aguadas is made up of an estimated 64 villages of which 65 percent are dedicated to coffee production. In all, almost 3,000 families make their living growing and selling coffee in this area. Over half of these families are members of AGUADAS. Forty villages participate in a wide range of Fair Trade services and benefits, including life insurance, pension funds and crop diversification. Fair Trade has been essential in their consolidation, expansion and development efforts.


With the computer I have also able to accounting for the farm and be a support for the family  

Duberney Flórez Monsalve

I am very happy to receive help for kitchen improvement. It has helped improved the conditions of life for my family and better hygiene there which decreases the risk of disease  

Luz Seneida Bedoya Ramírez

I am grateful to the cooperative and Fair Trade USA that supported me to install septic systems- it allows me to manage wastewater well and prevent polluting the creek  

Jose Raul Franco Gallego, AGUADAS member


Environmental Management

Aguadas used Fair Trade premiums to finance an installation of several septic systems- of which benefit 40 producers. Each system was delivered completely installed and included the necessary bacteria to maintain normal micro floral levels for 8 months. These tanks are necessary so the residue from coffee processes avert contaminating local water sources.

Housing Improvements

Fair Trade premiums were used to improve kitchens for producer members and their families. These housing updates are intended to improve the conditions of life of the coffee family and generate alternatives that contribute to gender equality. So far, 60 associates have benefit from this project.