Producer Profiles

Agroindustrial Piñas del Bosque – Finca el Bosque

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El Bosque Farm is a pineapple producing farm located in Costa Rica who joined the Fair Trade movement believing it was an important step towards the investment in their members’ and community’s future.
One way Bosque Farm looks to the future is through their commitment to environmentally sustainable practices. In recent years, El Bosque Farm has been able to reduce chemical usage, reduce gas emissions, and conserve organic soil matter. El Bosque Farm also recognizes the importance of rainforest conservation. Through their Rainforest Conservation Program, farm workers have built a tree nursery, planted trees as borders for soil conservation, and constructed a biological corridor. Water is also conserved with their Water Recirculation System, which re-uses the water avoiding contamination into waterways.
El Bosque Farm believes their relationship with their community is crucial and strives towards its improvement. Workers have recognized the most pressing needs of the community and have created programs using their Fair Trade premiums to make positive change. Programs include improving senior citizen care, providing extracurricular activities for children, starting a youth camp, providing school kits, providing scholarships, increasing education about the environment and recycling, and preventing the spread of AIDS through education and awareness programs.