Producer Profiles

Agrocel Pure & Fair Rice Growers Association

Agrocel Pure & Fair Rice Growers Association is part of the Agri-Service Division within Agrocel Industries LTD, a producer and exporter company based in India. The Agri-Service division was established in 1988 to bring prosperity and equity to the small and marginal farmer by involving them in organic and Fair Trade movements. Today, it holds the distinction of being the first Indian supplier of basmati rice and has built a strong and loyal customer base for rice and other Agrocel Pure & Fair products as well.

The association is located in Northern India’s Khaital district, in the state of Haryana, where the majority of rice is cultivated. It received their first Fair Trade premium payment in 2005 and has seen substantial growth in the number of members; jumping from 146 to 256 members, and from 345 to 642 hectares of land in 2006. Agrocel enables and promotes long-term, trusting and tangible relationships between the farmer who nurtures nature and the customer who cares about where and how their rice is produced.


Rotary Ploughs for Farmers

Agrocel farmers invested Fair Trade premiums in the purchase of agricultural machinery such as Rotovators, or rotary plows. These motorized cultivators work the soil by means of rotating tines or blades. The machines will cut down the time farmers spend manually digging up the soil to plant their seeds or aerate the soils. These types of investments help farmers reinvest their time and energy into other product improvements like yield and quality.