Producer Profiles

AGRIBAN - Jairo Jesús Lopera Lopera Finca Agriban

Jairo Jesús Lopera Lopera (Finca Agriban) is a family banana farm in the Uraba region of Colombia established in July 2001. The 39.2 hectare farm is considered small because it had been part of a larger farm before embarking on a rebranding amid the banana crisis.

The banana crisis manifested itself in different forms for Finca Agriban and for other banana farms in the region. Finca Agriban had been unable to complete certain obligations due to inadequate cultivation and harvest practices. With the help of El Programa Agro Ingresos Seguros in 2009, AGRIBAN began to navigate the banana crisis with a team of professionals.

AGRIBAN gained Fair Trade certification in 2009 and is now working to market their product internationally and bring more benefits to the farm, its workers and community. Some of their first development projects made possible with Fair Trade premiums focused on improving housing, education opportunities via scholarships and addressing other community needs.