Producer Profiles


ADISA is located in northern Peru, and is comprised of coffee producing families from 3 main districts within the departments of San Martín and Amazonas. ADISA has been exporting members’ coffee since 2005, the year that they obtained Fair Trade Certification. ADISA also obtained organic certification in 2009. ADISA is dedicated to promoting a self-sustaining, autonomous social base in harmony with the environment, and with the aim of improving the living conditions and livelihoods of their coffee producing families.


As a cooperative we are committed to continue working in collaboration with Fair Trade USA. We hope that in the next year you can visit ADISA.  

Alvaro Prada, General Manager


Productivity & Quality

Due to low yield on members’ farms, and lack of advanced technologies to guarantee quality, ADISA invested the premium in drying equipment, cupping lab equipment, a scale for parchment coffee, and organic fertilizer. ADISA was also able to train members on productivity and quality control best practices.