Producer Profiles

ACODIHUE - Asoc. de Cooperación Desarrollo Huehuetenango

ACODIHUE is a primarily coffee producing organization located in the Cuchumatanes Mountains of Huehuetenango, Guatemala. The region’s unique climate and chalky soils provide excellent grounds to harvest a quality product. In addition to coffee, ACODIHUE also produces honey, potatoes, and “rosa de jamaica,” all of which are commercialized under the “La Meseta” brand label. ACODIHUE, through their sales into local and international markets, hopes to continue to provide services and technical assistance to producers that will keep product quality at competitive levels in addition to developing social and economic programs benefiting farmers, their families and the community.


“Our biggest purpose is to improve the quality of life of our members, through the implementation of productive economic projects,P providing technical assistance and the decision to continue operating within the Fair Trade system.”  

Mariano Susnavar, General Manager



ACODIHUE’s technicians provided education on biology and ecosystems to improve sustainable practices. In 2015 ACODIHUE provided 1,110 producers with protective gear and access to well-equipped, onsite first aid kits.