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True fair trade is about mutually beneficial relationships rooted in trust and respect spanning geographic and cultural boundaries. As a global movement, fair trade brings attention to people around the world who work under exploitative conditions and highlights the true costs of goods in global supply chains. Organizations and activists, businesses and brands, farmers, workers and artisans have diligently worked for more than 40 years to bring greater balance to the terms of trade.

More than 40 styles now provide a premium to predominantly female factory workforce

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., January 31, 2017– Athleta is introducing its collection of styles created in a factory certified by Fair Trade USA, an organization dedicated to creating social and economic opportunities for factory workers around the world.

Reflections from Fair Trade USA

The Weather Channel and Telemundo have released a new investigation called “The Source: The Human Cost Hidden Within a Cup of Coffee." This work sheds light on a disheartening and serious reality in the coffee industry--that child labor not only exists, but is often necessary for families to survive. Though the farms covered in the report are not Fair Trade Certified, we have a collective responsibility to engage in dialogue and work toward meaningful solutions.
ELMSFORD, New York (January 19, 2017) - Barrie House coffee portfolio is now a majority of organic fair trade and is transitioning most of its current products to organic fair trade coffees. The small-batch, artisanal roaster makes hundreds of different coffees and has consistently maintained to understand their customers’ palates and sensibilities. Through the years Barrie House has included more and more certified coffees and has become a certified organic manufacturer.
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