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Nature’s All Foods Have Taken Fruits to a Whole New Level of Tasty and Convenient!
03/30/2011 - 11:32 AM

Whole Foods Market® to carry new BrandStorm Freeze Dried Fruits

 Los Angeles, CA – December 2010 – Nature’s All Foods will be the first Fair Trade and Organic freeze dried fruit brand available in the US and now at Whole Foods Market stores. BrandStorm Inc., a leading importer of some of the world rarest products and producer of many natural and organic superfoods in the U.S., is venturing into new territory with the launch of its new Organic and Fair Trade Certified™ freeze dried fruits under the brand Nature’s All Foods.  

The ripest and tastiest fruits are carefully selected and freeze dried to eliminate the water within the fruit.  All other natural properties of the fruit remain intact.  The entire line is imported directly from South America and is certified USDA Organic, Kosher, Vegan, Raw, and Gluten-Free. Thierry Ollivier, Director and Founder of BrandStorm, Inc. says “Following our will to develop sustainable products and to help farming communities, we have been collaborating closely with local fruit co-ops in order develop this line as Fair Trade certified. There is no sugar added, no coloring and no preservatives.  All you get is the taste of the fresh fruit.”

In an attempt to cater to the growing demand for easily accessible health foods that are both natural and sustainable, Nature’s All Foods is introducing four popular fruits to this line of freeze dried snacks. Nature’s All Foods has 32 years of experience in the freeze drying business, and operates a state of the art facility. This Organic and Fair Trade line of freeze dried fruits will delight grownups and kids alike, thanks to its bursting flavors and health benefits These fruit snacks fit perfectly into the fast-paced and on-the-go American consumer lifestyle.

Other benefits of Nature’s All Foods Freeze Dried Fruits:

  • Diet friendly: very few calories, fat free and trans fat free
  • All the benefits of each fruit remain intact
  • Certified organic, fair trade, kosher, vegan, raw, GMO free and gluten free 
  • No sugar added, no coloring and no preservatives
  • Wheat free, dairy free, peanut free, and tree nut free
  • Contains nothing but fruits and love!

Fruit assortments include Mango, Strawberry, Banana, and Pineapple.  Nature’s All Foods Freeze Dried Fruits are available at Whole Foods Market stores nationwide. Suggested retail price is $5.99 per bag.

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