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TransFair USA, Organization Behind Fair Trade Certified™ to Certify Nuts, Oils, Fruit, Sports Balls and More

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA; March 6, 2009 – In an economy that has companies beating a hasty retreat, TransFair USA, the nonprofit behind Fair Trade Certified™ is seeing something that is in short supply.  Opportunity.
There are precious few firsts in the fashion industry, what with designers constantly borrowing from the past and trends continuously reinventing themselves. But this month marks the arrival of a notable new development on the apparel scene, and it just so happens to hail from a Bay Area nonprofit organization.
Fair Trade Certification has migrated from coffee to clothing. One of the first of two companies that the NGO Transfair USA has recently certified as fair trade is Tompkins Point Clothing, a designer of preppy men's clothing based in Wyckoff, New Jersey.
The clothing line Maggie's Organics, by adopting stricter business practices, may be the first manufacturer to attain fair trade certification, according to
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