Mother's Day 2013

Moms Make a World of Difference - join in celebrating moms around the world this Mother’s Day!

Moms Make a World of Difference - Celebrate Mother's Day the Fair Trade Way
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Angela Camposeco of CODECH in Guatemala Maria Elva Correa Torres of CECANOR in Peru Elvia Almachi of AGROGANA in Ecuador Maria Cera of APROCASSI in Peru Mariana del Jesus Mendoza of Fortaleza del Valle in Ecuador Monica Valle of CEPICAFE in Peru
We work hard every day to produce good coffee and improve the lives of our children.
– Angela Camposeco CODECH, Guatemala
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Please continue to believe in us. It's through these Fair Trade flowers that hundreds of families, like mine, continually improve our lives.
– Elvia Almachi AGROGANA, Ecuador
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We work hard every day to support our kids and make sure they study first and fall in love second. That's what every parent wants, isn't it?
– Maria Cera APROCASSI, Peru
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It's hard work, but I'm helping our four children study. So the effort is well worth it.
– Maria Elva Correa Torres CECANOR, Peru
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Thanks to Fair Trade we are able to sell our cocoa at fair and stable prices. We have learned how to take true advantage of our plants' capacities and improve the quality.
– Mariana del Jesus Mendoza Fortaleza del Valle, Ecuador
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Life has improved for everyone since we became organized. We have stable prices, and this all means progress for our families.
– Monica Valle CEPICAFE, Peru
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Fair Trade Moms are strong, determined, and the heart of their families. Every coffee bean, cacao pod, and rose they harvest is filled with love. This love fuels their drive for a better future for their kids and their communities. This Mother's Day, take a moment to celebrate moms around the world by filling your cart with delicious Fair Trade Certified products and spreading the word about the simple way that you can make a difference.

Moms are the backbone of farming families, and with Fair Trade these women are empowered to emerge as leaders within their communities. They now serve as board members of cooperatives, lead workers’ committees and are making strides to improve education opportunities for their children. When you buy Fair Trade you’re helping ensure that moms get safe working conditions, protection from hazardous chemicals, and paid maternity leave.

Fair Trade Mother's Day Giveaways

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