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  • Fair Trade Certified Label Stickers (with approval)
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Customizable materials

Take your education efforts a step further by tailoring point-of-sale materials by type of product and the type of impact you’d like to highlight.
You can customize signs online, and download a PDF to print (free) or have printed signs delivered to you (paid).

Design guidance

This guide shares our learnings on what types of language and imagery do the best job of educating consumers and encouraging to make Every Purchase Matter.  Read the Style Guide to learn more, and use the Every Purchase Matters lock-up to augment your designs.

Fair Trade Certified Label Stickers (with approval)

Point of Sale Materials

A little education goes a long way.  Most purchasing decisions are made while shopping, and when consumers learn about Fair Trade while they shop, they vote with their dollars to make Every Purchase Matters.  Our research and experience proves it.
Visit this site to order free signs, brochures and other point-of-sale education materials. Our point of sale materials are provided free of charge, though you will need to create a unique login for this service. If you would like to help defray the costs of the materials by making a donation to Fair Trade USA click here.

Website graphics

Share your support for Fair Trade with your visitors by displaying these graphics on your website.