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Fair Trade House Parties

A Fair Trade house party is a great way to get your friends and family involved in a warm and intimate setting. The house party model has been an effective organizing tool for decades and is perfect for sharing the stories of Fair Trade communities and the tastes of Fair Trade products. A house party doesn’t have to be in a house, and it doesn’t even have to be a traditional party – anything goes!

From potlucks, to film screenings, to chocolate tastings and bake offs, our Fair Trade house party materials are chock full of sample timelines and creative ideas. Once you register your event and order your materials, you will receive a short DVD entitled Buyer Be Fair, an excellent piece for sharing around the TV. We’ve also put together a handy discussion guide for those wishing to facilitate thoughtful conversation around the film.

We hope you'll use this event to encourage folks to vote with their dollars and buy Fair Trade products; ask for them, if they don't see them in their favorite store; organize an event of their own with their family and friends; and donate to support this critical work that couldn't be done without their support.

Download the Event Guides here