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Turbana workers improved their living conditions through Fair Trade

“I feel so proud, so big with my new home. It’s so well located, it’s wonderful!” (Translated from Spanish)- Juan Ortega, Farm Worker, Recipient of a Housing Project Loan

Educational Opportunities through Fair Trade Certified Bell Peppers

All vegetables can support a healthy lifestyle and build a stronger body, but some can promise a great deal more. Fair Trade Certified™ sweet bell peppers from Divemex not only deliver a delicious dose of Potassium and vitamins A & C — among other key nutrients — they also support a healthy environment and build a stronger community.

These sweet cakes look as good as they taste!

Gina de Roma, Author of The Philosopher's Spoon, sent us this delicious recipe just in time for Valentine's Day.  You'll definitely want to try this one; these red cupcakes look as good as they taste!  Better yet, they are made with Fair Trade Certified sugar, vanilla, and chocolate.

Guest blog post by Ronald Mutai, Founder of Majani Teas

This blog post comes to us from Ronald Mutai, Founder of Mujani Teas I was born and raised on a tea farm in Meru, Kenya, a one-street town in Kenya’s ‘tea country.’ I originally came to the United Stated to attend graduate school at Columbia University, in New York City. After completing graduate school, I realized that without my friends and family back home I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Astral Blends from Weavers Coffee Support Breast Cancer Screening & Treatment

Astral Blend and Decaf Astral Blend are the Spring Seasonal Roasts offered by Weaver’s Coffee & Tea and have been described as being: Sweet, Smooth and Sassy. Like the gorgeous cherry blossom, Astral Blend comes to us in the Spring and stays with us through Valentine’s Day, Easter and Mother’s Day. But these Fair Trade Certified and Certified Organic hand-roasted artisan blends are more than just coffee.
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